Optimizing your use of digital teaching & learning resources

Some of our Clients

EduTone provides a cutting edge, cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO), Provisioning & Data Analytics Platform designed for the education enterprise to save budgets, free up valuable instructional time, and relieve the technical and administrative challenges of today’s web-enabled world.

For educational institutions, our Platform:

  • overcomes issues of multiple user log-ins and passwords
  • guarantees user identity and software security
  • enables access control and the management of remote users
  • enables the provisioning of any and all web-enabled services to unlimited user groups and/or roles
  • has built-in usage reporting for more effective monitoring and management of all web-enabled services
  • enables the correlation of use of web-enabled application(s) against actual student achievement
  • includes subscription and license management for your institution’s web-enabled software
  • encourages BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) initiatives as more students, faculty, and staff use personal devices and services on premise
  • via its unique, integrated, enterprise Marketplace, enables bulk trial, purchase, seamless provision and use of best-of-breed, web-enabled, educational resources from around the world covering all of your subject and administration needs.

Our Services

Designed to work on ANY device and operating system, our Platform is available as a single integrated solution or licensed as flexible components for easy and seamless integration into the software solutions (such as an LMS) an educational institution currently uses:

  • Grids for Learning

    A complete, integrated solution – designed to be deployed on a state-wide, regional or national basis – with the potential to combine each of the services below together with free, State-funded Open Educational Resources developed for educational institutions in that particular region, and other useful and relevant third party products and services designed to make access and use of digital teaching and learning resources a seamless experience.

  • Single Sign-On, Provisioning and Data Analytics Platform

    Our multiple award-winning SSO Platform underpins everything we do and simplifies the provisioning, management and monitoring of any web-enabled service, digital content and apps to limitless end user accounts on any device (tablets, iPads, laptops, desktops, smartphones) and any operating system (Android, Apple and Windows). What’s more, the Premium Edition of our Platform is available to any educational institution worldwide to trial on a free pilot basis. Included as integrated components within the Platform are the following:

    • Marketplace 

      Instant access to a growing range of the best educational web apps, mobile apps, online courses and digital content available to trial, purchase, seamlessly provision and use on personal and institution-owned devices.

    • ETL Tool 

      Easily customizable, enterprise level ETL (extract, transform and load) tool to extract data from multiple applications, transform it to fit operational needs and load it into end target Operational Data Store (ODS) or data warehouse. Currently used to extract user data within schools for use by web-enabled application providers whose products are used by those schools.

    • Data Analytics Tool 

      Our Data Analytics tool is designed to extract school, teacher and student performance data from multiple data sources – including from any SIS, data assessment tool as well as performance and demographic data – enabling teachers to immediately pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of each student by standard and develop prescriptive, differentiated treatment necessary to stimulate student achievement. Uniquely, teachers are able to correlate the use by students of any web-enabled application(s) against their performance in summative assessments, enabling a school to measure the value of web-based resources against student achievement.

  • Digital Content Library

    Provides teachers and students of all ages with a safe and reliable way to search, stream and download high quality and copyright-cleared digital learning resources from trusted content providers – all in one place – making this an invaluable resource for lesson planning, coursework, research and assignments.

  • Teacher Community Portal

    A freely available Web 2.0 community portal for teachers with over 100,000 registered English-speaking members from 25 countries which is easily customizable as a white label community portal for specific teacher communities around the world.

What’s in it for you?

Educational Institutions

“During class, it used to take students in (our) district an average of five minutes to log in and access each educational website. Today, that time is devoted to learning. Students simply log in once to the Single Sign-On Passport, and they’re done — there’s no need to log in to each site with a separate username and password.”

Don’t take our word for it – take a look at our customer webinars and case studies to find out more about how our portfolio of cloud-based services can be used in your school, district, college or university saving you significant time, money and administrative headaches.

Teachers & Students

community Our services provide teachers and students of all ages with a safe, reliable and seamless way to use digital teaching and learning resources all in one place.

One username and password will give you instant access to your web apps, mobile apps, online courses and digital content to use on your personal and institution-owned devices for anytime, anywhere teaching and learning.

Use our Digital Content Libary to stimulate classroom activities and as a high quality, copyright cleared resource bank to enrich lesson plans, homework and coursework.

Partners & Resellers

Resell our products as they are to your educational enterprise clients, or white label our software to add value to your own educational solutions. Our partnership programs are flexible to meet the needs of you and your educational institution customers.

Read about how our services have become an integral part of the solutions offered by our partners.

Click on the links below for further details of how you can easily add value to your services: Our Partner Programs Partner Contact Form

Education Service Providers

Extend the reach of your educational software – web apps, mobile apps, online courses and digital content (such as eBooks, lesson plans, online assessments, interactive activities) – by featuring it in our unique SSO Marketplace, providing a one-stop shop for mobile teaching and learning in educational institutions.

Include your stand alone, digital multimedia resources – images, photographs, illustrations, video clips, audio clips, animations, interactive activities, hyperlinks, documents – in our Digital Content Library to maximize their profile and use.